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Nuts – Book 5 in the Filthy F*ckers MC Series

911 Dispatch: San Diego County 911, where is your emergency?

Rebecca: Hwy 10 and Glendale. A car…it hit us…our car is upside down…it umm…it smells like gas.

911 Dispatch: Us ma’am? Are there others with you? Are there any injuries in your vehicle?

Rebecca: I’m hurt bad, please hurry.

911 Dispatch: Ma’am I am sending help. I need to you to stay calm.

Rebecca: (screaming) No! No! No! Oh God, No! Help! Help me!

My life was altered that day. My once content and happy childhood quickly changed to one of sorrow and loneliness. I lived convinced I would never be normal again. I wouldn’t fall in love. I wouldn’t get married. I wouldn’t have children. I would simply exist.

Then, one day, a biker from SoCal’s toughest motorcycle club moved in down the street.


Rigid – Book 4 in the Filthy F*ckers MC Series

SANDY – Grayson “Smokey” Wallace was a biker who was handsome, intelligent, ridiculously sexy, and a single dad. His swagger alone melted me into a puddle the night we met. There was only one problem, he didn’t do relationships. Knowing that tidbit of information beforehand was nice. It allowed me to get what I wanted from him and go on my merry way. My plan, however didn’t work. Not. At. All.

SMOKEY – The night I met Sandy I was after one thing and one thing only.
Sex. There’s only one member of the opposite sex who I’ve ever cared about – my daughter. And, I knew that would never change. Or so I thought. Walking away isn’t always as easy as one might think.

Reality Girl Episode 3

Episode three brings Eric, the well-endowed muscular hunk. Along with him comes temptation, as his ‘gift’ is something quite remarkable.

Succumbing to temptations isn’t what Lou wants, but after spending a night at the pool with the new arrival, her friend and confidant, Franky, might not even be able to pull her away.

Episode III of the Reality Girl Series takes the reader on a journey. Lou’s decisions are her own, and she owns them. Finding her true self hasn’t been easy since she showed up on the set, but after a few margarita-laced nights with Eric, she lands feet first, and is certain of where she needs to be.